Main Menu

Main Menu

All of our dishes are homemade. Please advise your server if you or any of your party have any food allergies. This menu is representative of our normal menu but we reserve the right to make changes depending on availability.


Soup of the Day   £3.95

Homemade soup of the day served with a homemade bread roll

Homemade Chicken Liver & Bacon Pâté £5.75

A smooth chicken liver & bacon pâté with a balsamic & red onion marmalade & toasted bloomer bread

Cockles, Bacon & Laverbread   £6.75

Cockles cooked in a laverbread, bacon & white wine cream with a homemade bread roll

Marinated Chicken Skewers £5.75

Chicken skewers marinated in Cajun spice, orange, garlic & lemon, served with a salad garnish & sour cream dip

Mixed Meat Platter £7.95

A selection of Italian cured meats served with sundried tomatoes, mixed olives, wild rocket & sliced baguette

Deep Fried Brie   £5.95

Breaded deep fried Brie with a salad garnish and cranberry dip

Stuffed Field Mushrooms £5.95

Field mushrooms stuffed with stilton cheese & wrapped in Italian prosciutto ham with a herb oil dressing & mixed leaves

Battered Chicken Goujons £5.75

Served with salad garnish & hot salsa dip

(v) Nachos   £4.25

Crisp salted corn tortillas smothered with melted cheese, served with sour cream, salsa & guacamole dips, with a choice of jalapenos

(v) Nachos to Share   £6.95

A larger portion of our nachos, ideal for two to share


Main Dishes

The Fountain Burger £11.95

Homemade beef burger served with mixed lettuce, a homemade burger relish & hand cut chips Add Bacon, Welsh Cheddar, Onion Rings (3) or a Fried Egg for 75p each

Fountain Fajitas £13.95

Chicken strips cooked in a blend of mixed spices with onions & peppers, served with all the traditional accompaniments

Add Steak Strips for £3.55

Beer Battered Cod & Hand Cut Chips £11.95

Fillet of cod cooked in a homemade beer batter with peas, salad garnish  & homemade tartare sauce

Half Rack of BBQ Ribs £14.55

Pork ribs cooked in a BBQ sauce served with coleslaw, onion rings, salad garnish & your choice of potato

Beef Brisket Bourguignon £15.45

Braised brisket of beef cooked in a Bourguignon sauce with mixed vegetables & your choice of potato

Homemade Beef Lasagne £9.95

Homemade beef lasagne with a salad garnish, garlic bread & your choice of potato

(v) The Fountain House Salad £5.25

A mixed salad served with your choice of the following homemade dressings: –

French Vinaigrette, Balsamic, Mixed Herb or Caesar

Add a Chicken Breast for an extra £3.75, (v) Goats Cheese for £3.75, Salmon Fillet for £4.75 or King Prawns for £4.75


A La Carte

Herb Crusted Baked Fillet of Salmon   £15.95

Served with roast garlic, fennel & spinach, mixed vegetables & your choice of potato

Pan Fried Fillets of Seabass   £17.25

Served with moules marinere, mixed vegetables & your choice of potato

Baked Wrapped Cod  £16.45

Fillet of cod wrapped in streaky bacon & served with a sautéed leek & white wine cream, mixed vegetables & your choice of potato

Braised Neck of Lamb Fillet £16.45

Served with a red wine & redcurrant jus, mixed vegetables and your choice of potato

Roast Supreme of Chicken £14.95

Served with a blue cheese & bacon cream, mixed vegetables & your choice of potato

Welsh Fillet of Beef Medallions  £19.95

Pan fried and served with a peppercorn sauce, mixed vegetables & your choice of potato

Roast Breast of Duck £16.45

Served with an orange & Cointreau sauce, mixed vegetables & your choice of potato

Potato options are chips, jacket or sautéed



8oz Welsh Fillet Steak £24.95

Grilled to your liking with Portobello mushroom, grilled tomato, onion rings & your choice of potato

10oz Welsh Ribeye Steak £17.95

Grilled to your liking with Portobello mushroom, grilled tomato, onion rings & your choice of potato

8oz Welsh Sirloin Steak £17.45

Grilled to your liking with Portobello mushroom, grilled tomato, onion rings & your choice of potato

12oz Welsh Rump Steak £16.95

Grilled to your liking with Portobello mushroom, grilled tomato, onion rings & your choice of potato

Why not add extras to your steak?

Sweet chilli or garlic king prawns for £4.45

Half a rack of BBQ ribs £5.95

Garlic butter 75p

Or a fried egg 75p

10oz Gammon Steak £11.95

Served with a slice of fresh grilled pineapple, fried egg, peas, salad garnish & your choice of potato

Breast of Chicken £11.95

Choose from Plain, Cajun Spice Rub, BBQ & Cheese, Creamy Leek or Peppercorn Sauce accompanied by a salad garnish & your choice of potato

Potato options are chips, jacket or sautéed


Vegetarian Dishes

(V) The Fountain Fajitas   £11.95

A selection of vegetables with all the traditional accompaniments

(V) Red Thai Vegetable Curry £10.95

Served with either rice, chips OR half and half

(V) 5 Bean Chilli   £8.95

A smokey 5 bean medley served with tortilla chips, sour cream and either rice, chips or half and half

(V) Veggie Burger   £9.95

Served with homemade red onion marmalade, salad garnish and your choice of potato


Sauces & Side Orders (Prices available on request)

Leek & White Wine Sauce

Blue Cheese & Bacon Sauce

Peppercorn Sauce

Mixed Vegetables                      

Garlic Bread 

Cheesy Garlic Bread                           

Beer Battered Onion Rings  

Hand Cut Chips   

Basket of Homemade Bread

Homemade Bread, Olive Oil & Balsamic Dip

Marinated Mixed Olives


Side Salad

Garlic Mushrooms  



The Fountain Fondue £5.95 for 1 person, £7.95 for Two to Share

Melted chocolate with fruit & various dipping delights

Classic Vanilla Crème Brulee £4.95

With homemade shortbread

Homemade Chocolate Brownie £4.95

Served with either cream or ice-cream

Homemade Lemon Posset £4.95

With a mixed berry compote

Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding £4.95

Served with butterscotch and your choice of cream, ice-cream or custard

Joe’s Ice-Cream  £4.25

Choose from Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate or Mint Choc Chip

Welsh Cheese Board  £6.25

A selection of Welsh cheeses with pickle, apple, grapes & crackers

See our dessert counter for more dessert options


Tea & Coffee

Pot of Tea  £1.85

Pot of Flavoured Tea £2.45

Espresso  £2.05

A short, invigorating shot of coffee

Macchiato  £2.05

A shot of espresso “marked” with a little frothed milk

Americano  £2.35

A shot of espresso mixed with hot water to create a long black coffee

Cappuccino  £2.85

A luxurious mix of espresso, steamed milk & frothed milk, finished with a sprinkling of chocolate

Caffè Latte  £2.75

A delicious mixture of espresso & steamed milk crowned with a smooth layer of frothed milk

Mocha  £2.95

A wonderful fusion of espresso, steamed milk & chocolate

Hot Chocolate  £2.95

A delightful combination of chocolate & frothed milk


Floater Coffee £3.35

Coffee topped with double cream

Add a flavoured syrup shot for just 35p extra – Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon or Caramel

Liqueur Coffees £4.85

Choice includes Whiskey, Brandy, Grand Marnier, Tia Maria, Cointreau, Amaretto

Baileys Latte  £4.95